Teddy Bears Picnic Blogging Event


Tuesday 19th July

We are very excited about our Teddy Bears Picnic blogging event this afternoon. The children have brought a bear to school and are looking forward to sharing snacks with their parents.

We love to share experiences with our families and value strong parent partnerships. We hope you have enjoyed the picnic!

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Famous Bears

famous bears introduction

We have been talking about these famous bears………….

What we know already……….

Caelan – “Pudsey has a special thing on his eye”.

Blossom – “I know him, he’s Pudsey Bear”.

Maisie – “He raises money for charity”.

Phoebe – “I know him, he’s Baloo”.

Lidia – “He is the bear off Jungle Book”.

Joel – “He likes singing and dancing……the Bear Necessities”.

Thomas – “I know him, it’s Rupert, I’ve got his DVD at home”.

Dylan – “I know Winnie the Pooh”.

Blossom – “He’s got a friend called Eeyore”.

Amira – “He likes honey”.

Lucas – “His friend is Tigger”.

Summer – “He see’s lots of bee’s”.

Phoebe – He’s got a friend called Piglet….he’s a pig”.

Caelan – “He’s got an owl friend”.

Emily – He’s got a friend called Christopher Robin”.

Maisie – “I know him, he’s called Paddington Bear, he likes marmalade sandwiches”.

Jack T – “He keeps his sandwiches in his hat”.

Summer – “He keeps tooth brushes in his ears”.

Lidia recognized Baloo bear was the odd one out because he was the only bear wearing no clothes!



#fromwhereIstand blogging challenge

Please post your homework here.

Amira’s strawberry field

Poland Vs Switzerland Highlights

We watched the highlights of the football match which took place on Saturday.

Image result for bbc Euro 2016 Switzerland vs Poland Round of 16

We talked about why Poland had worn a different coloured kit. Alfie said “it’s because the other team wear the same colours and we wouldn’t know who was who.”

We were excited that Poland are through to the next stage and think they are playing very well.

We also talked about the England game tonight and all hope they win their team too…….they might even get to play Poland, that would be great!

Blossom said “England won’t win”. But Maisie disagrees and thinks England will win!





Teddy Bear Diaries


This week we all brought a teddy bear or soft toy in from home. We have used our teddy bears to inform our literacy work and in particular our writing. We have described our bears in our writing and completed a teddy bear diary.

Have a look at some samples of our work……….

IMG_0516 IMG_0517 IMG_0518 IMG_0519 IMG_0521 IMG_0522

IMG_0526   IMG_0529

IMG_0528 IMG_0527


Blog the Euros – Our predictions for the next round

untitled 1
After the success of Poland in their final group match in Oak class we have been making our predictions for how far we think Poland will get.
Lidia said – ‘I think that they will win the trophy’
Harrison said – ‘I think that they will score one goal in the next game’
Caelan said – ‘I think that England will still win’
Who do you think will win? We still have our fingers crossed for Poland.

The Polish Language

Oak Class have been learning some simple words and phrases in Polish. We asked one of our Polish friends in Year 6 to come and help us translate the Polish words, as they were a bit tricky to pronounce!

Match Predictions

Oak Class have been making predictions about how England and Poland will get on in their matches today. Here are our predictions;

England 2 – Wales 0

Poland 0 – Germany 5

Fun Facts about Poland – Blog the Euros

Today we have been blogging about interesting and funny facts about Poland.

We have learnt;

The official name of Poland is the Republic of Poland.

  • Poland is the 9th largest country in Europe.

  • Poland is home to over 38 million people. The children enjoyed estimating this number. Hiwa thought 70 people lived in Poland. Caelan though 30,000 people lived in Poland.
  • Warsaw is the largest city and capital of Poland.
  • Poland’s national symbol is the White Eagle.
  • Forests cover over 30% of Poland’s land area and the country is the fourth most forested in Europe.
  • Of all migratory birds that travel to Europe for the summer, one quarter of them breed in Poland making it the most important bird breeding ground in Europe.
  • The most popular sport in Poland is football.
  • Other popular sports in Poland include athletics, basketball, handball, volleyball, boxing, weightlifting, ice hockey, tennis, fencing, cross-country skiing, swimming and ski jumping.


The children were intrigued to find out a little more about fencing. We talked about how to play the game, the special uniform and helmet, and the bendy swords.

Blog the Euros

Today we have been blogging about the National Stadium in Warsaw, Poland. We though it looked like Wembly Stadium in London. We thought it looked very big and could seat a lot of people. We estimated how many the stadium could seat;

  • Charleigh – 100
  • Dylan – 70
  • Ethan/Jack T – 100,000,000
  • Hiwa – 58
  • Maisie – 160
  • Joel – 6,000,000
  • Caelan/Logan – 110
  • Blossom – 78
  • Miss Tully – 80,000

Dylan asked a really interesting question – “how do the people get down?” We talked about how many doors and fire exits the stadium would have to make sure it was safe.

Phoebe said – ” I’ve been to Manchester football stadium to see Little Mix!”

The stadium can actually hold 58,145 people – which is pretty big!